Felt Shop International is looking for wholesale buyers, gift shop owners, handmade stores, retailers, etc. to partner with the best wholesale prices! We offer a wide variety of all natural, 100% handmade items with oriental nomadic designs!

Our products are eco-friendly and we offer free worldwide shipping. In business over 12 years with talented designers creating individualized products that are of oriental nomadic design, well made and useful at low wholesale prices! So if you appreciate special unique craft products and want to expand you inventory partner, please, contact us immediately.


Our products are unique and handmade using only the highest quality materials that you can’t find anywhere else! Become a retailer today!

100% Handmade With Care

Each item is 100% handmade using only the highest quality materials. We make every item with care and top quality, providing a product that is superior to any other and will last a long time. We take care to ensure your customers will love our products and come back for more!

100% Environmentally Friendly

Since each item is handmade, we do not use any factories or machines that are harmful or toxic to the environment. We encourage a healthier environment by not using these methods.

100% All Natural Materials

We only use 100% all natural materials in our products to promote environmental health, making this the perfect choice for any specialty or ecofriendly shop.

100% Original, Unique Designs

Since we supply only handmade items, every single item is unique in its own way.

Our items are not sold anywhere else and are only made with care and of the highest quality.

Why Place Your Wholesale Order With Us Today?

We provide you with a quality product that is unbeatable and not found anywhere else! Just look at some of the benefits we will provide to you for free!

Your Logo On Our Product Free!

Yes, we will place your logo on our product 100% FREE! Just upload your logo with your order and we will ship you your own branded product.

We Make Your Customers Happy

By providing a 100% unique, handmade product of the only the highest quality, your customers are getting a long lasting product that they will be sure to enjoy for years to come.

The Highest Level Of Quality Control

Because our products are handmade of only 100% all natural materials, there is a superior level of quality control because each item is inspected while it is being produced from start to finish. No machine means no mistakes!

Highly Secured Payments With PayPal

We provide you with only the highest level of security and protection by processing your payments only through PayPal, the most trusted payment processor worldwide.

Free Shipping On All Orders

No matter how large or small the order is, we will provide you with FREE SHIPPING every time! We are so confident in the quality of our products that we will pay the shipping. We know your next order will be coming shortly after you see our products flying off your shelves!


We Are Forming Quality And Happy Partnerships Daily. Don’t Wait To Be Added To Our List!

Who Are Our Clients?

Handmade Shops

These products are just what your clients have traveled to your location to find! 100% unique high quality, handmade gifts for anyone to enjoy!

Gift Shops

Adding our unique items to your collection is a sure way to increase your sales with items no other shop has!


These are perfect items to add to your retail location and stock right next to the register or behind the counter. Your customers are sure to see them and pick up one of their own!

Mobile Market Places and Trade Shows

You are sure to draw in a crowd with your new product line because no other vendor has anything like it! You will surely be the talk of every event you attend!

  • “As soon as I started building the display in my stores front window I had a customer come in and make a purchase! I love the detail and quality. Keep up the good work!”

    Amy Jhonsonville
    Import Store
  • “I couldn’t resist picking out my own pair of Aladdin Slippers as soon as I opened the box. I wear them in my shop every day, and with my logo on them everyone knows where to go to get them!”

    Greg Bentson
    Mall Gift Shop Owner
  • “These are the best ever! I put them on the shelves behind my register as you suggested and they sell like hot cakes! I already have customers asking when the next shipment is coming in.”

    Jason Karoo
    Head Shop Owner
  • “I chose to only order a few items for my first order and once I received them I instantly regretted not ordering more items. The quality is some of the best I have ever seen. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for something different to add to their store.”

    Shelly Brice
    Trade Show Operator
  • “I own a world import store and am on the constant lookout for new items to attract people to my store. I came across your website and I am so glad I did. This is now the fifth time I have ordered from your group and every time I am impressed with the high quality and care put into making these products. I wish I would have found you sooner.”

    Lance Everston
    World Trade Goods
  • “There is really only one word. AMAZING! I expected to be disappointed when I opened my shipment but all of us at the store ended up around the package completely impressed by my order.”

    Lisa Goodman
    Rasselhuff-Specialty Store Owner


Pick your next items from our large selection of hand crafted items now! Our portfolio is sure to have a few products to catch your eye!